Soar 2 Success – It’s Not Stalking, It’s Follow Up: 47 Tips to Growing Your Business with a Proven Follow Up System

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Book Description:

Effective and profitable follow-up is more than a system, it’s a shift in thinking that expands your connections, deepens your professional relationships, and naturally attracts ideal prospects that will inevitably become long-time loyal customers.

This book provides you with the quick-tips you need to grow your business now, the right way, through techniques that will help you get the results you want from the efficient use of your effort and time.

A few of the things you will learn through this book are how to:

  • Clarify and get specific about your goal and mission for each follow-up activity you do
  • Achieve better retention results
  • Keep it fresh in your business so your clients always have you at the top of their list
  • Properly prepare for potential opportunities to engage and interact with new prospects
  • Create engaging introductions that accurately represent you and your business so that it attracts the attention of your ideal clients
  • Identify, connect, and grow relationships with the right people to get the best results possible
  • Conduct effective conversations that get results (and referrals!)
  • Differentiate yourself so you stand out and don’t get lost in the crowd
  • Create your strategic outline for effective follow-up and productive one-on- one meetings so you don’t waste your time – or theirs!

By implementing the strategies in this book, you will create a system that can produce loyal clients along with new prospects that constantly fill your pipeline. It’s not just a strategy; it’s a lifestyle of engaging and connecting with others in a way that produces profitable, long-term results. Get this book and start today – it’s time to follow-up and grow your business!


Authored by Elizabeth McCormick