Soar 2 Success On Linked In: 50 High Performing Tips to ENHANCE Your LinkedIn Profile

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Book Description:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals and it has quickly become one of the top online marketplaces for job seekers, freelancers, recruiters, and entrepreneurs. No matter what your career or professional status is currently, LinkedIn is a connectivity tool that, when used right, can greatly enhance your credibility, professional support structure, and prospect options – which can all lead to increasing your income!

As with any new machine, concept, or data program, there’s a learning curve. However, implementing the tips in this book will help you bypass the common mistakes many are making today. Instead, you will be able to quickly turn this social platform into your largest source for developing business leads and mutually-beneficial connections.

As you go through the 50 High-Performance Tips in this book for enhancing your LinkedIn profile, you will learn strategies that include how to:

  • Properly focus your digital space (your content) on your client instead of on your resume
  • Protect your LinkedIn account, your activity feed, and the privacy of your connections
  • Understand what people are looking for so you can visually draw them into your profile to learn more about you
  • Create engaging conversations that stand out in a busy and chaotic world
  • Effectively utilize the reciprocity economy of LinkedIn to attract more business
  • Identify and enhance the details that will make the best first-impression
  • Strategically increase your influence with analytics and targeted content

As you grow your connections both physically and virtually, LinkedIn is your key to being seen as a person of great value to your entire professional network. Get this Tip Book today so you can Soar 2 Success, as you put LinkedIn to work for you!

 Coauthored by: Elizabeth McCormick and Chris Rollins

 About Coauthor Chris Rollins

After his military service as an M1-A1 Tank Commander and Platoon Sergeant, Chris spent 16 years overseeing Sales and Operations for multiple states in the rental industry prior to founding Rollins Performance Group, Inc. in 2012. Because of his focus and passion for achieving profitable growth, he became known as “The Sales Train Conductor.”

Chris is a Master Trainer in the DISC Model of Human Behavior and a Founding Partner of the global John Maxwell Team.

In his training and speaking events, he teaches people to Communicate (in person and online) in a way that drives Connection and Converts prospects into customers.

He is passionate about Communication, Sales, and Leadership development to help others achieve massive growth.

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