We all have hopes, dreams, and goals we want to achieve in life. Although we may be taught how to talk about them and write them down, few of us were ever taught how to actually achieve them.  

Through a lot of trial and error, failing forward, and then finally succeeding time and time again, the author of this book teaches you the lessons learned, and shows you how to put it all together by considering your intentionality regarding setting and achieving daily to-do lists, weekly goals, and life dreams.

Through this book, you will also learn that the bottom line of personal achievement is self-leadership. The 7 key areas this book covers are critical skills you can use to enhance and even accelerate your progress in self-leadership that will ultimately propel you towards the life you envision for you, your family, and your business. A few of these concepts include learning how to:

  • Use your Attitude (and smile) as a force for good as you understand that your attitude about life will determine life’s attitude towards you
  • Determine which small Choices you can make today to leader to bigger results tomorrow
  • Be Humble enough to take responsibility for mistakes and be humble enough to learn from them
  • Attain better results by focusing on your character and Integrity more than you focus on your competency
  • Maintain the proper level of drive, determination, and vigor (Energy) with discipline and consistency
  • Decide where you are NOT going so you have a clearer Vision of where you are headed
  • Identify your passion and the gifts and talents you possess, then pursue Excellence in the areas that matter most, creating a life of continual excitement and new opportunities to achieve

In order to be an achiever, you need to be a leader – someone who can lead yourself to success. If you can’t lead yourself, you will have great difficulty gaining any traction as a leader in your family, and in your business.  

You ARE an ACHIEVER. But you will not achieve your dreams accidentally. This book will help you target your activity so that your dedication and hard work will produce the life and level of success you desire to achieve. Pick up this book, implement what you learn, and start achieving more today!

About the Author – Ria Story:

Ria’s story is one of faith, hope, love, and inspiration. She left home at 19, after years of sexual abuse, with no job, no money, and no high school diploma. What she did have was faith. She found a job as a waitress and started working to earn her GED, so she could later attend college.

She worked in the Healthcare industry for over 10 years and spent several years as the Director of Regulatory Affairs at a large community hospital. She started teaching group fitness in 2009, and learned to mountain bike in 2008 and was the 2011 and 2012 State Mountain Biking Champion for both Alabama and Georgia in her division.

Ria is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach Trainer and Speaker, and she joined the John Maxwell Team in Guatemala as part of the Transformation in Guatemala program. She offers performance coaching, inspirational speaking, and leadership development services.

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