Words Matter – Use Affirmations and Key Phrases to Boost Your Confidence and Success

Words matter. Everything we learn in life revolves around words that shape our abilities, experiences, and results in all that we do. “Thinking” is an activity we are engaged in, hopefully, 24-hours a day. Even while we sleep, our brain is actively “thinking” as it stores away the day’s short-term memories, moves others to long-term storage, and processes our experiences and everything we accomplished (or didn’t accomplish) for the day.

Words that we heard as a child — whether good or bad, true or false — were also stored away in our memory banks where they continue to influence our opinions, beliefs, and the way we view and respond to the world around us. If we experienced a lot of negative behaviors and comments, especially if they were directed at us, those words can continue to affect, alter, and diminish our confidence and belief in ourselves to the point of actually preventing us from accomplishing what we were put on this earth to do.

Our brains are biologically wired to take in data and then process that data in a way that enables us to accomplish the specific outcome coded into that data. When we want to go to the kitchen and fix breakfast, our brain works “behind the scenes” and uses that data to determine the desired result. Without any conscious thought on our end, our brain then sends pulses and energy to all the right places in our bodies that enables us to arrive in the kitchen to prepare our meal.

Now, the choices we make for that meal take a bit more conscious effort as we decide whether to eat healthy, or go for the donut box. The choice is ours to make – consciously. Whether our choice is healthy or not, our brain then sends the proper signals, once again, throughout our body to accomplish whatever it is that we decided on for breakfast, even if it harms our overall health.

Whatever you say and project out into the world is used as a prompt, like a set of instructions in your mind, that then instigates your mind’s “thinking power” to figure out how to bring about and accomplish your projection — even if it isn’t good for you. If you wake up and proclaim that you are going to have a bad day, your mind will support you as it develop ways — consciously and subconsciously — for you to make that proclamation a true statement.

The good news is that the process works in a positive manner as well. Henry Ford is the author of a famous quote that says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

It is so important to identify those words, experiences, and behaviors that take away your power, and replace them with positive affirmations and beliefs. To further support this point, you can give yourself a test to see how your words immediately impact your mind’s ability to support what you are saying. Muscle Testing is a quick and simple exercise you can do to experience how powerful your words are first-hand. You need two people to do this, so grab a friend, co-worker, or family member, and see the demonstration in this video below:

For more videos to help you DELETE negative thinking by replacing those thoughts with positive affirmations, visit the Confidence Boosters page. Here you will also find a video on how you can create your own invisible suit of armor to help protect you from a negative environment.

As a daily exercise to help you Soar 2 Success, utilize Positive Affirmations and Key Phrases with the help of this I AM Worksheet. This guide will help you choose what it is you want to strengthen most within you, and includes an action plan to make it happen.

For Entrepreneurs, like those in Network Marketing, the kind of affirmations you could include to help rewire your brain for business success are key phrases like:

  • I AM a Business Owner
  • I AM the Owner of Thriving Business
  • I AM Confident and Clear About My Goals
  • I AM Persistent and Focused with My Goals
  • I AM Wired to Help Others with My Gifts
  • I AM Perfectly Positioned to Help Those Around Me
  • I AM a Solution Finder and Offer Results to My Clients
  • I AM Amazing at What I Do

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