Book Description: AMP Up Your Success – 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know

Mimi’s vivacious charisma combined with her secret weapon for leading the way in being able to sell and market anything has given her the ability to open doors and pave a path that allows her to achieve anything she envisions – and she’s created a breakthrough process to help you do the same.

You will always find her center stage using her wisdom as a leader, award-winning speaker, World Class Speaking Coach (less than 300 with this coveted certification in the world!), and corporate trainer, to elevate the lives of others by challenging them to raise the bar on what they believe is possible, especially when it comes to helping leaders AMP Up Their Success! In this compact gem of a book, you will be given tips that every leader should know, to help you:

  • AMP Up Your Goals
  • AMP Up Your communication
  • AMP Up Your Personal Growth
  • AMP Up Your Impact As A Leader

Her natural passion of using her voice to impact the world – by leading others to excel in business and in life – has been instinctively honed to draw people in, lift them up, and add value to their lives by helping them discover within themselves a vision of leadership, significance, and success that far exceeds what they ever thought was possible.

Mimi was awarded a top spot as a Performance Excellence leader working directly with top executive leadership, and she is excited to share her knowledge with you through AMP Up Your Success, by giving you 52 Tips that Every Leader Should Know. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself, and get your copies for your team today!

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