List of Authors and Books Published

Here’s our List of Authors and Books Published through the Soar 2 Success Publishing Division:


Gabe Alvarado

Julie Anderson

Amelia Mimi Brown

Jennifer Darling

Sherri Elliott-Yeary

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, RN

Pennie Hunt

Elizabeth McCormick

Breeda Miller

Kim Pruitt

Dr. James Salvo, DC

Joyce Sawyer

Ria Story

Dr. Jerrod Wright and Dr. Wade Parkhill

CoAuthors with Elizabeth McCormick:

Aj Amyx

Brian G. Bearden

Jim Gardner

Tonya Hofmann

Sandy Lawrence

Peggy Harper Lee

Anne Miner

Kelley Moore

Debbie Mrazek

Dick Powell

Chris Rollins

Toni Harris Taylor

Books Published by the Above Authors:

In a Flash Life Can Change: 61 Industrial Safety Tips from Someone Who Learned the HOT Way (Author: Gabe Alvarado)

Soar 2 Success In Digital Strategy: 67 Tips to Ignite Your Online Empire (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Aj Amyx )

Communication Made Easy: 51 Brain Science Tips to Improve Your Relationships in Life, Love, and Work (Author: Julie Anderson)

Soar 2 Success With Your Website: 57 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Engagement, Searchability, and ROI (Authors: Brian G. Bearden and Elizabeth McCormick) 

AMP Up Your Success: 52 Tips Every Leader Should Know (Author: Amelia Mimi Brown)

Increase Your Leads with LinkedIn: 52 Tips for Sales Success (Author: Jennifer Darling)

Crack the Millennial Code: Strategies to Market to Millennials (Author: Sherri Elliott-Yeary)

HELP! How do I get the most out of my Healthcare Experience? 54 Tips to Maneuver through the Healthcare System (Author: Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, RN)

Soar 2 Success By Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture: 54 Tips to Add Value Where You Work (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Jim Gardner)

Soar 2 Success as a Public Speaker: 60 Tips to Sharing Your Message (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Tonya Hofmann)

Love Your Life – NO MATTER WHAT! 76 Tips to Live Life with Love and Gratitude (Author Pennie Hunt)

Soar 2 Success in Marketing & Public Relations (PR) – 58 Tips to Getting the Word Out and Growing Your Business (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Sandy Lawrence)

Soar 2 Success With Your Time Management and Productivity: 52 Tips to Getting More Done (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Peggy Harper Lee)

Soar 2 Success With Customer Care: 53 Tips to Giving Customers a Memorable Experience (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Anne Miner)

Soar 2 Success with your Communication Skills – 50 Tips to Improving Your Personal and Business Relationships (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Kelley Moore)

Soar 2 Success As You Create A Sales Roadmap: 47 Tips to Impact Your Revenue with a Proven Sales Strategy (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Debbie Mrazek)

Soar 2 Success With Coaching Skills – 52 Tips to Empowering Others and Becoming a Leader in Your Organization (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Dick Powell)

The Caregiver Coffeebreak – Take a Break Before You Break: 76 Practical Tips To Help Caregivers (Author: Breeda Miller)

License to Thrive for Leaders – 55 Leadership Tips to Increase Your Influence and Improve Employee Performance (Author: Kim Pruitt)

Soar 2 Success on LinkedIn – 50 High Performing Tips to ENHANCE Your LinkedIn Profile (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Chris Rollins)

How to be Healthier Than the Joneses: 52 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Happier, Healthier, and Stress Free (Author: Dr. James Salvo, DC)

Power Spousing – The Hardest Job in American Politics (Author: Joyce Sawyer)

A.C.H.I.E.V.E. – 7 Keys to Unlock Success, Significance, and Your Potential (Author: Ria Story)

Soar 2 Success in Sales and Marketing – 78 Tips to DRASTIC Results (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Toni Harris Taylor)

Soar 2 Success with Email Marketing – 55 Tips to Drastic Online Results for your Business (Authors: Elizabeth McCormick and Toni Harris Taylor)

Building a better you… 39 Tips and 14 Recipes to Help you Succeed (Co-Authors: Dr. Jerrod Wright and Dr. Wade Parkhill)

Other Books by Elizabeth McCormick:

The P.I.L.O.T. Method: The 5 Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life!

Bookability Factor: 67 Tips to get You Booked and Paid as a Keynote Speaker

Soar 2 Success: It’s Not Stalking, It’s Follow Up – 47 Tips to Growing Your Business with a Proven Follow-Up System

Soar 2 Success In Network Marketing – 61 Tips to Starting or Re-Charging Your Network Marketing Business