Become More Memorable as a Public Speaker with Banner Stands

People remember visuals. Your audience will also remember more about what you say when you have visuals that support you, your message, and your brand. For speakers, I highly recommend vertical banner stands as part of your setup.

How to Use Banner Stands for Public Speakers

The largest stand can be an eye-catching point of interest for conference goers who are trying to decide which sessions they will attend and which ones they will skip. Many times you will see these larger banner stands in the vestibules just outside the entry doors of the breakout session or main conference area. I have received a lot of feedback about people who were drawn to attend my keynote (and skip others) based on this type of specific, targeted advertisement.

All sizes of banner stands can be placed by your book table to let people know who you are and what you do at a glance. With the right information on your Banner, it will help draw people in to take a closer look at your products, which is what you need to create the opportunity for them to buy.

Banner Stands are also ideal as a backdrop for creating branded, memorable photos for those who purchase your products and want to get a photo with you. For many audience guests and conference attendees, it is hard to resist a photo op with the keynote speaker. When you position your vertical Banner Stand to be prominent in the commemorative photos with individual guests or groups, every time they come across that photo, they will be able to instantly recall who you are and what you do, even if it’s been years since the photo was taken.

Here Are Some Key Components for Creating a Great Banner Stand for Public Speakers

To help ensure your Banner Stands are as effective as possible, they need to reflect you and your business accurately. Everything – from the digital world like your website, social media banners, and emails to everything you have in print like your business cards, stationary, and Banner Stands – needs to be branded to you.  

This means that anything related to you and your business – including your Banner Stands – needs to have the same look, theme, colors, focus and feel.  This helps bring the comfort of familiarity to mind whenever people are researching you or come across your information.

For creating your own Banner Stands, here are a few key factors to consider including:

  • Your Name (my name is prominent at the top)
  • Your Business Name if applicable (Soar 2 Success is part of my website address)
  • Your Signature Product or Service (I have ‘Pilot Speaker’ prominent, as well my PILOT Method book)
  • Your Branding (the color, font, and images in these banner stands perfectly complement my branding across all platforms both digital and in print)
  • Keywords and Phrases (“When YOU See a Need LEAD” is a key phrase in all my Keynote talks)
  • Credibility Factors (having the symbols of prominent television stations, news programs, magazines, and business papers show great credibility)

If you are interested in getting banner stands made for your speaking business, I’ve included additional information and links below to help get you started:

Making a memorable impression is just one way to help improve your Bookability factor as a Public Speaker, and Banner Stands are a sure way to help make that happen!

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By Elizabeth McCormick

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