Why should Speakers ALSO be Authors? Here’s How to Monetize, Scale, and Duplicate your Expertise Into Even More Profitable Success

When a person becomes an entrepreneur, the goal typically is not to just earn a living that enables you to get by, but to capitalize on your lifetime of knowledge and experience in a way that allows you to create an income —along with a legacy — that can continue to make an impact on others long after you are gone.

No matter what you do for your business (speaker, mentor, trainer, make widgets, etc.), you want to create processes and systems that can multiply your efforts, be scalable, and be duplicated. This allows you more freedom, both in time and resources, to work on growing your business instead of having to constantly repeat the same actions day in and day out to produce a daily result.  

For Speakers, Why Is Also Being an Author Important?

As a speaker, mentor, and/or coach, one of the BEST ways you can multiply your efforts is to have a proprietary product that you can sell. For speakers (and service-oriented entrepreneurs in general), the most popular type of product to sell is a book. This is popular because the content shared then becomes the authors Intellectual Property copyrighting the thoughts, steps, actions, processes and systems that have all been created by the author.

Anyone who wants to expand their platform should have at least one published book. If you take that a step further and create your own SERIES of books, you’ll have an even greater opportunity to multiply your efforts. In your series of books, you could share various levels of your expertise, systems, and processes in ways that target specific audiences that are within your prospective client base. As a big bonus, multiple books allow you to cross-market your products to a broader audience.

Additionally, your efforts are also then scalable. If you are speaking to a large group, you can provide your product(s) to the organizer at a bulk rate. If you are coaching and mentoring one-on-one, you can provide individual copies to your clients for sale, or as a bonus for being your client.

Here’s How Speakers can Multiply Efforts as an Author

For speakers who will be selling their books / products at an event, it is also wise to bundle products together that have a common theme. One of my clients has bundled together a Caregiver Care Pack that includes her Tip Book (published through my company Soar 2 Success Publishing), a coloring journal, a stress cup, a bath treat, and more!  

soar-2-success-in-network-marketing-10-packFor those who come to hear me speak, I have several bundles available. One bundle is specifically for leaders in the Network Marketing world who wish to mentor their team – it has 10 copies of my Network Marketing Book, and a special Leader’s Edition of the Network Marketing Book.

I also have a 5-book bundle for corporate leaders who want to upgrade their organizational culture and leadership, as well as a “buy it all” bundle for entrepreneurs that incudes 13 books in a nice carrying bag that can be used for other things.

Think about it – is it easier to sell 13 different books to 13 different individuals – or 13 different books to ONE individual? That concept is scalable and can be duplicated by others infinitely.

Speakers typically become speakers so they can multiply their efforts and get their message out to the world in a more efficient way than if they just mentored people one-on-one. If you are a speaker without a book, and if you haven’t created book bundles to sell, you’re really missing out on some great ways to monetize, scale, and duplicate your knowledge.

TIPS for Speakers to Increase Sales at the Book Table

Book Tables for Keynote Speakers, when done right, can be very profitable. Here are a few tips to help you find greater success with your back of the room sales:

  • Ask for Help: People ALWAYS want to talk with the keynote speaker. If you are the only one at your book table to handle sales and then get tied up with a long-winded attendee, you will have people walk away and never make a purchase. If you are out of town speaking, asking for help is a great opportunity to connect with other speakers in the area. Or if you are local, ask someone you know to come along and help. As a last resort, ask your meeting planner if they know of someone attending or on the planning committee that can assist you.
  • Engage and Connect: Do not sit behind the book table to sign books. Stand up, move to the side of the table where you have your branded Banner Stand. This way you won’t be blocking the view of others who will want to purchase products, and you’ll be able to interact with others, sign books, and have photo opportunities with the attendees.
  • Presentation is Everything: Your book table should be organized, aesthetically pleasing with a table cloth that complements your branding colors, have visible pricing for all your products, books, and bundles, and be ready to take ALL forms of payment. Square is a great mobile app that will allow you to take credit cards.
  • Have Options Available: Be sure you know WHO your audience is and then create bundles that will be appealing to them. If you are speaking to network marketers, executives, and other business leaders, you may want to create bundles that have 5 or 10 copies of the same product, with a sign that says “Don’t go back to your team empty handed!” And have a special discounted price for buying 5 or more.
  • Offer a Bonus:  Throw in an extra book as well as a great bag, tote or carrying case for your products.elizabeth-mccormick-Entrepreneur-Elite is a great resource for inexpensive bulk products that you can buy directly from China. They hold funds in escrow until you receive the product. However, you will have to purchase these far in advance of your next speaking gig, so PLAN AHEAD!

For more tips and ideas on how to grow your speaking career, check out the Soar2Success blog. Here you will find articles that cover everything from how to network, follow up, and communicate to guides on digital marketing, Linked In, and more, so you can Soar 2 Success!

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By Elizabeth McCormick

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