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Book Title:

501 Ways to Roll out the Red Carpet for Your Customers


Donna Cutting

Soar2Success Rating:

4 1/2 Stars out of 5

Content Summary:

Donna Cutting delivers on her title by giving readers an inside peek at what industry leaders are doing to maintain customer satisfaction, inspire loyalty, and provide direction for their own employees. The book is full of suggestions for useful strategies to create customer contentment and loyalty with concrete examples of how the strategies actually worked in the real world.  

Many of the ideas are quite practical and could be implemented quickly. She also discusses how to generate a climate of employee commitment to service. This includes selective hiring with specific strategies to train and motivate those employees. She also discusses how to correct problems, generate word-of-mouth benefits, and how to incorporate creative marketing strategies.


Donna Cutting treats you to insider secrets of customer satisfaction and employee loyalty just like you were on the red carpet yourself! She makes you realize that impeccable service to your clients is a commitment and a culture. It has a far reaching effect encompassing employees and even whole communities.

In the book, she explains that according to a Research Industry of America study, 54 to 70 percent of customers who complain will continue to do business with you if they receive a response to their criticism. If they feel like their issue was resolved, that percentage goes up to 95!

The ultimate effect is your bottom line and the sustainability of your success in a competitive world! The book has so many tips and examples, it’s hard to name just one. It’s a comprehensive book you will find yourself going back to over and over again for ideas and inspiration.

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