Are Your Marketing Tactics Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Regulations? Avoid getting shut down electronically by knowing the updated rules.

It is confirmed over and over again, day in and day out, that one of the largest attributing factors to success in any business is the authentic relationships you build. Quality relationships are built person-to-person through referrals, introductions, face-to-face meetings, and direct communication – even if you are not in the same geographical area.

Those relationships, whether in-person or virtual, then create the opportunity for “permission-based” marketing tactics like emails, electronic newsletters, and social media connections. That means someone has given you permission to add their email to your “list” that you use for marketing either verbally by specifically saying, “Yes, please add me to your newsletter list” or something similar, or by going online and signing up themselves through a signup form, or an opt-in. Note: Just because someone hands you their business card, that doesn’t mean they’ve given you permission to add them to any of your marketing lists.

Because of the ease of obtaining lists that contain personal contact information, there have been laws, rules, and regulations put in place to protect consumers from receiving an onslaught of unsolicited advertisements through our personal devices like cell phones and personal emails. Besides, those types of unsolicited emails are an annoyance, and therefore do not build the type of long-term relationship that is attributed to the success of a business.  Instead, they tend to be a way to quickly end a professional relationship.

So why do people still use the “shotgun” marketing tactic?  Chances are, it’s because they might be new to the game, or because they don’t realize that what they are doing will get them labeled as SPAM. When that happens, it could get their email shut down, or at the very least, block their emails from arriving into anyone’s Inbox.

If you are hot on the trail of a new product or service that you firmly believe everyone on earth should know about, have, and use, it can be so easy to feel like it’s okay to load up your BCC field with every person you have ever obtained an email address for to let them know about your exciting new project.

However, that kind of enthusiasm could quickly get you in hot water. Be very careful to maintain proper marketing tactics to ensure that your line of electronic communication remains open and that you don’t burn bridges with true prospective clients by sending them emails, news, or product information that they did not request.

To see the FTC Business Guide for Compliance, visit this link:

It’s best to be patient, do marketing the right way, and build authentic relationships that will last, which could also provide you with the repeat business and future referrals you need to continually grow your reach, your client base, and ultimately – your success!

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