Choosing Website Colors to Stand Out Online as a Public Speaker 

The psychology of color is an in-depth study of the human mind and how it responds to various colors and color combinations. However, there is also a lot of debate and controversy around it as well due to elements that go beyond scientific studies such as personal preferences, upbringing, cultural significance, and so much more. did an interesting article that highlights some misconceptions about the psychology of color, and then focuses on research specifically related to branding and marketing that you may want to read. For branding purposes, the colors you choose to represent your business through elements such as your logo, stationary, business cards all need to be consistent across every form of media (both digital and print), including your website.

What to Consider when Choosing Website Colors

For your website, you may need to consider more color choices than you did with your logo. Many logos are simply one or two colors, which is fine, however there are more layers to the creation of a website that need to be considered.

Think about your website – or ANY website – and make a note of all the layers involved in creating the user experience:

  • Logo
  • Heading and Site Title
  • Menu
  • Background of the Main Content
  • Background of Headers and Footers
  • Background of Sidebars, Columns, Galleries, and Widgets
  • Blog and Content Headline Text
  • Section Text
  • Linkable Text
  • Hovering over Linkable Text
  • Links that have already be visited
  • Call to Action buttons

There is a lot going on regarding colors on a website, and users expect an easy way to navigate through your site to get the information they need. If the website is confusing, or if their next step is not clear, they will leave your site without ever engaging.

A lot of the confusion and uncertainty can be eliminated by having a clear goal for your website (check out our Soar 2 Success With Your Website Tip Book coming out soon!) and with choosing the right colors that POP for guiding the user to your Call to Action, and any Next Step you want them to take.

Are you ready to play with some color? There’s a great online tool you can use at  Choose your main color, and then look for “Generate Color Scheme” to choose what kind of colors you are looking for. You can choose from:

  • Complementary Colors – these are colors that are directly opposite one another on the color wheel, and typically have a high contrast. These can be effective as accent colors.
  • Triade Colors  – These are three colors that are equidistant (of equal distance) from one another on the color wheel. They will also be in contrast to one another and work best when there is one main dominant color, and two accent colors.
  • Tetrade Colors – these are 4 colors, formed by two sets of complementary colors that are 60 degrees apart on the color wheel. This is a great place to start when looking for a color palette to use where 4 or more colors are needed (like your website!)
  • Analogic Colors – these are three harmonious colors that are right next to each other on a color wheel. When paired with a dominant 4th color that is contrasting and complementary to the other three, it creates a pleasing palette that could be great for a website.

With any main color you choose, there’s a huge variety of tones, tints, and shades you can play with to create exactly the look and feel you desire for your website’s color palette.

If you need strategic help with choosing the color palette, structure, Call to Actions, and overall themed content of your website, you may consider signing up for a Think Tank session with me. With my extensive background and knowledge in business and marketing, I have been able to help many speakers, coaches, and trainers take their website to the next level resulting in higher visibility, sales, and overall success!

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By Elizabeth McCormick


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