Communication Made Easy: 51 Brain Science Tips to Improve Your Relationships in Life, Love, and Work

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Book Description:

All brains have their own way of communicating and processing information. The more you know about how the brains work of those you are communicating with, the better your chances are of getting your message across in an engaging way that achieves the results you desire.

The 51 Tips in this book cover Brain Science in a proprietary, easy-to-understand format that will help you improve your relational success in professional, social, and personal environments. As you learn more about the Brain Personality Connection, you will be able to:

  • Ask the right questions that encourage result-based engagement while also building strong, healthy relationships
  • Identify the dominant brain quadrant of those you are communicating with so you can incorporate the most effective dialogue and presentation techniques
  • Recognize the processing and volume level of people’s internal information systems so you can work within their preferred receiving method, giving you optimal results
  • Understand the difference and seamlessly interact with Introverts, Extroverts, and Ambiverts to achieve better connectivity and relational engagement
  • Discover your natural brain gifts that will help you enhance your personal and professional relationships
  • Communicate more effectively with the opposite sex utilizing relational building techniques that really work

When you implement the strategies in this book and truly understand how effective you can be when you utilize the neuroscience research presented here, you will experience an exciting new level of relational opportunities. Your results could include increased productivity, conflict prevention, and amazing breakthroughs in business and in life.

As you begin to truly appreciate everyone’s unique Brain Personality Connection, your friendships will flourish, your connections will deepen, and your professional pursuits will experience more success. More importantly, you will have a life filled with happy, healthy, mutually-beneficial relationships full of engagement, productivity, and growth! Get your copy of this book today so you can get your brain power working for you!

Authored by Julie Anderson

About the Author:

Julie Anderson is also known as the “Brain Lady” Speaker

Julie Anderson is an in-demand international public speaker; wielding her expertise in brain science to bring solution-based training into organizations for business, communications, team building and leadership results such as increasing productivity, preventing conflicts, and improving organizational cultures.

An established brain authority in the media, Julie has been interviewed by ABC, FOX, UPN, and is a frequent expert guest on many radio networks. Julie has done extensive research in the areas of personality types, brain function and anatomy, brain health, and the brain personality connection. She has studied natural health, psychology, human resource development and psychoneuroimmunology. With more than 20 years of research, study, mentoring and sharing the stages with other gurus in the field of brain personality connection. With post-graduate studies in the field of depressionanxiety disorders and brain function, Julie has continued her learning to maintain her expertise in this field. She is also a professional interpreter for the deaf.

Julie Anderson brings more than 15 years of experience speaking, training and consulting with individuals and up to large corporate organizations utilizing Brain Personality Connection and uniquely blending science and psychology with humor and relatability in her keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

“Julie is definitely energetic and fun to listen to. Her expertise on the brain is incredible. She really knows how to engage you and to teach you.”

-Marie W, Meeting Coordinator

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