Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Felt like an impostor? Wished you could be more confident in yourself, your leadership abilities, and your potential?

You ARE NOT ALONE! I felt that way too—in flight school when I struggled against a prejudiced instructor. Trying to get into flight school when right up until the end everyone had told me you can’t DO THIS.

Building sustainable confidence isn’t natural with all the negativity we face in our environment. It’s like a battlefield of negativity out there!

YOU need tools (ok weapons) to SUCCEED and to not just boost your confidence, but sustain it.

Below are 3 FREE (yes- FREE) YouTube Videos with my 3 strategies to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE. The third strategy even has a cheat sheet! Why FREE?

Other experts have told me I should charge for these… Or should make you opt-in with your email address first. The fact is – I WANT you to HAVE these – and WHEN they work for you – I want you to SHARE THESE with your friends and family – for free! Want more? Subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel to get more FREE (yes-FREE) training that will be launching in the coming months.

You see, I believe we are in a confidence crisis. It’s impacting our resiliency in the face of change and our ability to not only lead, but also to follow. When we’re focused on protecting ourselves, or our jobs, we’re not focused on our higher self and the potential of what CAN BE. Boosting your Confidence is the BEST way to ensure YOU intentionally SHOW UP empowered, resilient, and ready to take on the day – if not the world.


Strategy #1 – How are you talking to yourself? Shift your awareness:

Strategy #2 Deleting negative thinking that creeps in when we least expect it:

Strategy #3 Create an invisible Suit of Armor against the Negativity in your Environment:

BONUS! A PDF handout to download with positive words to say to yourself every day: