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Every day is a new opportunity for unforeseen circumstances and other people’s emergencies to hijack your best intentions. The way to combat that and avoid getting in a rut of reactive behaviors is to define your day before someone (or something) else does it for you. This is why writing down and reviewing your goals daily is critical to your forward progress in business and in life.

Not only are goals necessary, but in order for them to be effective you also have to know your value-based WHY behind the importance of accomplishing those goals. When it comes down to it, if your WHY isn’t big enough, your drive to accomplish those goals won’t stay consistent enough to see them through to the end.

For instance, many people create general benchmark goals like, “I want to bring in $100,000 (or name that number) this year.” However, if you don’t dig any deeper than that, then distractions, obstacles, and challenges that will (not ‘might’ – will) come your way could easily take you off course. If you constantly find yourself exhausted, unfocused, and on the verge of giving up – it may not be the “work” that’s causing your frustration. It may be that you’ve forgotten WHY you’re doing it all in the first place. 

So how do you figure out your bottom-line WHY? Keep asking yourself WHY… WHY is making $100,000 important to you? If you find yourself naming tangible things like, “I want to earn that amount this year because I want a nicer house and a bigger car,” then you need to dig deeper. WHY is having a nicer house and a bigger car important to you? WHY is providing a nice house and car for you, your spouse and/or your family important to you? WHY does it matter? The ‘things’ we want in life will change as we age and mature so the power of those objects to keep your attention focused on your goals will not be strong enough to push you through tough times.

The type of WHY you need is based on your values, purpose, and passion – it’s what drives you to do what you do, and you’d do it even if there was no tangible reward (money) at the end of it all. When that happens, then your WHY is powerful enough to keep you motivated and focused for the rest of your life. 

If you are more focused on your WHY – the purpose-driven empowerment of your spouse, children, and loved ones – versus just making a few bucks – then you are less likely to give up what you want most, for what you want in the moment when those distractions and challenges come your way.

Whether you are in Network Marketing, Corporate America, or any other form of business, you need to set proper goals you can measure and assess daily. Personal goals are very important to help you stay grounded, healthy, positive, and in touch relationally with those around you. For more on how to set your personal goals, see our article: Personal Growth Guide.

Just as important are your professional and business goals. Have you set those goals? If you have, then have you stated your WHY for each one?

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Take some time now to download the Goal Setting Guide for your professional goals so you can either create or reassess your goals. This will help you better determine where you are on your road to success, so you’ll know how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. Instead of just beginning your day with good intentions, use your Goal Guides daily to ensure that each day is full of proactive, purposeful effort that gets

you closer to what you want most out of life!


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