Online Videos On Your Website & Social Media Platforms Can Get You Noticed and Booked

It is true that videos account for 74% of all online traffic, and that number is consistently increasing. Having videos of yourself online is critical in growing any business, but even more so if you are a professional speaker, or aspiring to be one. So, if you don’t have a YouTube Channel, create one now, and here’s why:

  • Since Google owns YouTube, Google will rank pages higher when they contain a relevant YouTube Video than pages that don’t contain video.
  • Having multiple videos on your site will rank you higher in both YouTube searches and Google searches.
  • Most people prefer to watch a video about any topic versus reading about it.

Specific benefits for Speakers to have updated video content on their site:

  • When booking agents, event coordinators, and conference organizers are researching speakers for their events, the first thing they look for is a video so they can get an idea of your stage presence and speaking ability.
  • When booking agents or speaker’s bureaus do their research, they prefer to see multiple examples of you – both on stage, and in other settings – so they can get a feel for your personality and knowledge base. When you are able to provide that for them, you have a better chance of moving to the top of their list.  
  • Having a Speakers Preview Reel is standard, however, the people who book you know that only your best segments will be highlighted in that reel. They want to have the option of seeing an entire speech, or at least multiple segments of all intensities so they can get a more well-rounded view of what you bring to the stage.

Videos are also how you can make a great first impression every time someone discovers you for the first time online. So ask yourself, “Do my online videos project the best first impression I want people to have of me, my stage presence, and my speaking abilities?”

If you are just starting out, or you just don’t have any dynamic stage videos yet, that’s ok – you can fix that easily by creating your own! There’s a wide variety of the types of videos you can incorporate into your brand and online presence – here’s a few suggestions:

  • Video Blogs – Start doing video blogs! The transcription (that YouTube automatically generates) can be copied, edited, and used as your written blog post. Putting the transcription in your description will also enable the video to be indexed while also boosting your Search Engine Optimization.
  • Introduce Yourself and/or Your Business – Make an introduction video for your website’s Home Page that gives people a summary of who you are and what your company does. People will generally stay on a page longer to watch a video, so this will also help to increase your rankings in search engines.
  • Tell them Your Story – Create an ‘About Me’ video with snippets and experpts of what you do while sharing your passion about WHY you do what you do.
  • Product Demonstrations – If you have books, downloads on your website, widgets for sale, consulting packages, counseling services, etc., a video explaining the products or services are a great way to add video content where you can use a voiceover, or do your own cameos, to keep fresh, relevant content on your site.
  • Testimonials – There’s no better way to communicate the impact you, your products, and your talks have on other people than by getting your clients and audience members to do Testimonials on video! Having charismatic, excited people positively talk about the impact you have made on them can help boost your business and bottom line dramatically!
  • Event Promotionals – When you are booked to speak at an event, it is a huge bonus if you have the ability to create your own promotional videos you can send to the conference organizer for their event. This also gets the audience members familiar with you before you even show up to the event!

Elizabeth’s Home Video Studio with Chroma Key (Greenscreen) Paint, Light Boxes, Etc.

With the advances in technology and various forms of media, you have many cost-effective options available that allow you to create your own videos, edit them, and get them online. Since I do so many different kinds of videos, I created my own In-Home Studio (pictures to the right), and have developed an information sheet you can download here that lists out the various equipment I recommend to get you started.

Even if you are not yet able to invest in your own home studio, you can STILL make great-quality videos with your CELL PHONE! Just be sure to use a tripod for stability, and a microphone for sound-quality.

Current, relevant, good-quality videos are a must if you intend to grow your business, increase your online presence, and boost your bottom line. It’s especially critical for people who are positioning themselves as a public speaker and want to do so full-time.

If you’d like help launching your speaking career, or if you’re a speaker who is ready to take it to the next level, consider investing in a Think Tank Intensive with Elizabeth. She can help you with your branding, video and marketing strategy, and more, to help you get booked and (highly) paid as a keynote speaker!   

[Click here to download your Cheat Sheet for the DIY Home Video Studio]

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