How effectively do you use your free advertising space – your email signature block? Regardless of what you do – whether you have a corporate position, a sales position, are in network marketing, or an entrepreneur – you most likely send out emails every day to people who could turn into potential clients if they were more clear about what you do. This is why you need to capitalize on using your signature block more effectively.

Many people you interact with through email are not able to accurately identify or articulate what you do. With that being the case, that means they are also not able to send qualified referrals your way. When you clearly articulate your business and the problems you are able to solve for others, you have increased your opportunities to pique the email reader’s interest about you. Furthermore, they may also give you more referrals if they fully understand what you are able to offer your clients.

An effective email signature block will typically include:

  • Your name
  • An alternate way to connect with you (usually your phone number)
  • Your website
  • Social media links (alternate ways to connect online and engage with you)
  • A short phrase or quote that clearly states what you are able to improve in your client’s lives, what results you bring to your clients, or what pain / problem you resolve for those who do business with you

You can check out my signature block in the image on this post for ideas. Also, you can become a fan of my Facebook Business Page where I’ll ask people to share/copy their signature block in the comments on a post, either for feedback or as an example of what they think a good signature block looks like. Remember, the idea is to be short and to the point. If it takes someone longer to read your signature block than it does to read a typical email, then your signature block may have too much information.

Closing out your email is the perfect place to ensure the reader remembers you and has the opportunity to further engage with you. Properly utilizing your signature block is one more added strategy that will help you move even faster towards your vision of success!

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