Before potential prospects, referrals, or vendors ever meet you, they have already developed their first impression of you. It is now standard practice to research people online before meeting with them face-to-face. That first impression they develop is a great determining factor in how quickly they do (or don’t) decide to do business with you.

Other determining factors people use in how they decide with whom to do business consists of the Know-Like-Trust factor. This means they have to know you, relate to you, like you, and trust you before they will ever do business with you.  How you conduct yourself professionally during any interaction with them (whether it’s virtually or face-to-face) will either make the sales cycle go quicker, slower, or derail it completely.  It usually takes someone at least 7 or more positive interactions before they decide to engage in a business transaction with you involving a product or service they have already determined they need or want. 

One way you can help increase your chances and even possibly speed up the sales process is to implement strategies that first help you focus on building a personal relationship. One of the strategies that accomplishes this best is to send a personal handwritten note to someone after you meet them for the first time. The note needs to include personal elements that remind the person who you are, and what you shared in common.

It is important to remember not to make a sales pitch or ask for referrals in this handwritten note, as that will most likely decrease your chances of developing the relationship any further.  Your goal with the handwritten note is to thank, encourage, reach out, and open the opportunity to continue developing your relationship.

If you need help with what to write, here is a list of tips,you can incorporate in your note:

  • Make sure your notes are on high-quality stationery for maximum impact
  • Brand your stationary so that it is unique to ensure your brand is remembered
  • Also hand-write their address and your return address on the envelope
  • Use a real stamp (versus metered mail) as that looks more personal
  • Include your business card
  • Make the content memorable, not generic
  • Use pleasantries and be personal
  • Mention something heartwarming, educational, or funny that you both experienced or talked about when you first met

Those who offer a personal touch first, like sending a handwritten note, will always stand out and be noticed, no matter how competitive the market is. This is just one way you can go further, faster, as you Soar 2 Success!

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