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Book Description:

After 21 years of industrial/refining experience and 12 years of being an industrial fireman with an on-site emergency response team, Gabe Alvarado knew his way around a refinery. One day, as a technician on the job, his training kicked in as he responded to an explosion, not realizing at first that he was one of the victims. His life changed in a flash.

Through his life-threatening experience and previous training, Gabe walks you through critical steps you can take today to help make your industrial plant an even safer place to work. The key is YOU and YOUR awareness of how you address possible areas of concerns. This book is your pocket-guide to 61 Tips that reveal valuable safety information on how to:

  • Avoid the #1 reason most accidents happen: lack of communication
  • Spot potential problem areas quicker as you learn to be more focused and aware of your surroundings [no multi-tasking!]
  • Get better at assessing when help is needed and then ASK for it
  • Quickly assess and eliminate potential fire hazards
  • Review regulations often and improve on common safety procedures
  • Inventory, organize, and replace necessary safety gear often
  • Pay attention to and work within the safe parameters of the physical, emotional, and mental demands of your position
  • Experience life now, because you don’t want to wait for an untimely accident before you re-evaluate what’s truly important

No one ever thinks it will happen to them, until it does. This book will help you and your team to be more proactive and prepared in the area of safety in your work environment. Don’t get caught unprepared, and always, always protect yourself and follow the advice and protocols given, no matter how mundane they seem, and no matter how much time it may take. Getting complacent is always costly in the long run!

About the Author:

After 21 years of industrial/refining experience, 3 years as a process technician, 6 years assistant fire chief and 12 years as an industrial firefighter, Gabe Alvarado was critically injured in a chemical explosion that burned 60% of his body in/out and resulted in the loss of his left hand. He was not expected to live.

Gabe survived, and after a 90-day drug induced coma at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX, he endured over 45 surgeries that have included skin grafts, facial reconstruction, and plastic and laser surgeries.

Gabe has a renewed purpose for his life, which includes sharing his experiences to audiences at conventions, conferences and training meetings.

As an inspirational speaker, Gabe relates the day of his accident and inspires attendees not to take their life for granted. As a safety speaker, Gabe reminds workers of the importance of personal protection equipment (PPE), and communication in workplace.

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(361) 537-0065