License to Thrive for Leaders: 55 Leadership Tips to Increase Your Influence and Improve Employee Performance

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Book Description:

Is your life a masterpiece that others wish to emulate? Are you considered a leader because of your position and title, or do people follow you because of your passion before they even know where you’re going?

In License to Thrive for Leaders, you have a pocket-sized guide with interactive questions and links to additional resources to help you increase your impact and influence in not just your business, but all areas of your life. Included in this book are tips to help you learn how to:

  • Empower others to greatness so that when the team wins, you win
  • Relate to your team on a personal level to experience more cohesiveness and loyalty
  • Use your time efficiently to build relationships effectively so that the whole team experiences connectivity, productivity, and growth
  • Spot team members that might not be a good fit and find the best solution for all involved
  • Inspire your team by doing the unexpected – be a leader they are proud to follow
  • Apply the Know-Like-Trust factor to your team – it’s not just for prospects and clients
  • Conduct team building activities that bring people together on a personal level
  • Handle yourself in disagreements and confrontations so that everyone still wins
  • Communicate effectively (verbally and non-verbally) constantly, especially during challenging times, to develop a more cohesive, productive, and profitable team
  • Put relationships ahead of “being right” so your success as a team will be easier achieved
  • Think like a successful person to better influence your own actions towards success
  • Manage performance reviews in a positive way to build your team’s productivity and profitability
  • Develop leaders by investing in the members of your team by defining their future with you and the company as well as their personal goals and dreams

The best leaders are not the ones with the highest paying position, but are the ones who take the time to invest in their team and make a personal impact. By implementing the strategies in this book, you will create relationships with your team members full of respect and camaraderie. When people know you truly care about them, there’s nothing they won’t do for you.  It’s time for you to get your License to Thrive as a leader!

About the Author:

As a Hall of Fame Athlete, Kim Pruitt learned how to apply the principles used in sports to succeed in the business world. She brings years of observation and application of how to increase your influence into this book so that you can thrive as a leader. Leadership is Influence! Nothing more, nothing less!

License to Thrive for Leaders gives you 55 of the best tips to increase your leadership influence at work, in society, and in life. As a pocket-sized guide with interactive questions and links to additional resources, this guide will help you increase your influence in all areas of your life.

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