Can People Easily Find You on LinkedIn? Learn How to Customize Your Linkedin URL Here!

When you first sign up to create a profile on LinkedIn, your profile page – which is essentially its own web page – is given a generic URL (Uniform Resource Locator, also known as your web address).

Linkedin had over 500 million users in April of 2017, so you can imagine, that is a lot of unique profile pages to assign a custom URL to. Because of this, the generic URL assigned to a user is a long string of numbers, letters, and characters.

Just imagine putting this on a business card:

Connect with me at:^kIo07$@,UIO90*B^^

How many people do you think will actually try to follow that string? Actually, that is shorter than what you will find, but I think it makes the point pretty clear.

How do you change the default Linkedin URL?

Fortunately, LinkedIn made it simple to customize your URL. To be more effective on LinkedIn, and to be more easily found, it is recommended that you make your LinkedIn URL more professional and easier to remember by customizing that default link initially assigned to your Profile.

Since it is set on a first come, first served basis, with over 500 million users you would need to be pretty lucky to find your name available – but hey, give it a shot!

A custom URL also shows that you are serious about your LinkedIn presence and can add credibility to your profile. Let’s show you how to make this simple adjustment in less than two minutes.

Here’s how to update your LinkedIn URL for your profile:

1a or 1b. Open your LinkedIn Profile.

2. Towards the top of the Right-hand column, find and click on the link that says Edit your public profile.  

3. At the top of the right-hand column, you will see the section to update your LinkedIn URL. Click on the Pencil (edit icon) to the right of that URL.

4. In the edit box that appears, delete the default/old link, add your personalized link, and hit Save.

The first part of the URL ( is set and cannot be adjusted. That is because your profile is basically a sub-page that is sitting on the LinkedIn platform’s site.

If your option is available, it will save automatically and you are done. If your selected choice is not available, the URL will turn red and it will tell you that the option selected in unavailable.

Note: It is important to strategically develop your personal link. This link should represent you, your brand, and your professionalism. Make it as short as you can and easy to remember.

You will also want to create a link that you will not need to change in the future, unless absolutely necessary. Changing the link will also mean that everywhere you have listed the link would need to be updated as well, which could be time consuming and costly (in reprints, and in lost business for people who can’t find you).

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