Love Your Life – NO MATTER WHAT! 76 Tips to Live Life with Love and Gratitude by Pennie Hunt

When faced with difficult challenges in life, how do you move forward?

How do you ignite your heart and embrace that fiery passion for life?

What can you do to get yourself unstuck so you can step into your life’s purpose?

Whether it’s through decisions of our own or circumstances out of our control, there are times when we all experience the darkness and pain that life can bring. However, it is not these events that define us, but how we respond to them that determines who we are and where we go from there.

Author Pennie Hunt has pared down years’ worth of life lessons and advice that helped her through her darkest times to create this profound and insightful book, Love Your Life – NO MATTER WHAT. In it are 76 bite-size tips that will help you navigate the ever-shifting waters of life by learning how to live your life with love and gratitude.

In this book, Pennie has grouped her knowledge into helpful sections and include:

  • What’s Love Got to Do With It?
  • It’s All Communication
  • Be Fearless in Your Truth
  • Create Celebrations
  • Space to Grieve
  • Rest & Mindfulness
  • Believe
  • Release

…AND MORE! This book will help you discover where your efforts are best utilized, so you can make better choices in even the most difficult of circumstances. Author Pennie Hunt’s first-hand experience will inspire you to embrace the good, grieve the tragic, and find gratitude so you can learn to love your life no matter what.

Whether you’re supporting someone on a journey of addiction, recovery or grief, are the caretakers and family of those who are adrift, or find yourself stuck, this book will help you find the light, hope, and advice you need.

About the Author:

Pennie Hunt is an inspirational, entertaining, high content speaker who teaches how to Love Your Life – No Matter What! Her weekly blog, “Writings From The Corner of Spirit & Brave” is read by thousands of people worldwide. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, Women’s Speakers Association and the President
and founder of Journey Through, LLC.

After a series of life-changing events, including the death of her son, Pennie left her executive position in healthcare to follow her personal mission of helping others. She now writes and speaks about how to change,
heal and empower your life!

Pennie’s personal successes and challenges have shaped her grateful-for-it-all viewpoint. She has combined her gift of communication with her own life lessons to follow her passion for helping others Journey Through this life with spirit, courage and compassion.

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