Here’s How to Better Utilize Social Media Posts for Growing Your Business!

Do you effectively utilize the power of social media? Not only are there a huge variety of platforms available to choose from, but also there are an infinite number of post varieties within each one!

To be effective, there are definitely hard rules about what to incorporate and what to avoid. For instance, you want to avoid spamming as well as asking people to buy your service or product in every post. That’s one of the quickest ways to turn away potential clients and sales.

For best practices to incorporate, you want to have the majority of your posts be engaging without a hint of trying to sell something. It is also good to share pictures, personal stories, relatable quotes, and fun facts of interest that reflect who you are and what you do.

Although that sounds simple, it can be difficult to come up with post after post that converts viewers into fans, and “likes” into dollars. That’s why there are good marketing companies out there who can take on that task for you. However, if you’re not at a place yet to delegate your social media outreach, you can still run effective social media campaigns by utilizing some of the below strategies for your business posts.

  • Take a picture of the current business book you are reading and ask, “What are you doing to stay current in your industry?”
  • Have a “Posting Party” one day a month where you invite other people to post about their business on your page.
  • Create free giveaways people can download that list out your favorite business apps, your best productivity strategies, your go-to resources for planning and organizing, and more.
  • Find posts that relate to your business in some way, share them, and ask for people’s opinions, what they would do differently, how they would solve the problem, or what similar experiences they’ve had.
  • Take pictures of you at a seminar, with your business coach (if you don’t have one – why not?), or with your journal, and ask people what their Personal Growth Strategy is… because if you’re not growing, then neither is your business!
  • Ask questions like, “What’s your biggest challenge in your career or business right now?” “What obstacles are blocking you from experiencing a more fulfilling life?” “If there was one thing on your To-Do list you could delegate, what would that be?”

The typical ratio for the content focus of your social media posts is to have 80% of your posts focused on personal, engaging, motivational, non-selling messages, and no more than 20% (MAX) that directly offer your products or services through “soft selling” techniques. An example of that is to post a meme (a picture with text) and verbiage that says, “Do you suffer from dry skin? If so, try <product name> today!”  Then, connect that with a link to your product’s sales page. For more information, see our post on Content Worth Sharing!

The best way to be effective in your social media marketing regardless of what platform(s) you utilize is to understand that you are talking to an individual person… on a mass scale.

Treat each post like it is going to your best client, and your goal is to nurture that relationship by providing value, humor, education, genuine care and concern, and solutions to the challenges they are facing. Once that becomes your focus, you’ll see the return on your social media investment begin to soar!

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