Power Spousing – The Hardest Job in American Politics

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Book Description:

Power Spousing is based on the author, Joyce Sawyer’s adult lifetime in the role of political spouse.  Her husband, Tom, has had offices at the national, state and local levels: member of the US House of Representatives, State Senator, State Representative, Ohio School Board and Mayor of the city of Akron.  Although the book’s frame of reference is public service, other women who have similar demands on their time and attention will be able to relate to the question:  How can a marriage survive such widespread pressures?  These insights could transfer to spouses in other fields such as business, medicine, athletics and others.

Every couple’s situation is different, but some issues are universal, nonetheless: maintaining one’s individuality, raising a healthy family, immersing oneself in a career separate from his, handling demands on their time, navigating social situations and more.  Often, it’s difficult to share these concerns with anyone else who would understand.  A whole new generation is wondering why anyone would get involved in a lifelong relationship with a political figure.

Unfortunately, the bad behavior that blankets the media depicts a scenario to be avoided at all costs – tickle-fests with staff members, toe-tapping signals in the men’s room, frequenting call girls – ad nauseum.  They’re not all like that, but the ones who do behave don’t make the news.  There is a need to put this in perspective in a way that hasn’t been done before.  This book is the first to guide the spouses of all high-profile Americans to handle their private lives while protecting their privacy.  Others will be interested in watching the mystery unravel.

In addition, readers who are curious about “life in the fishbowl” will be able to understand it on a different level.  As the author speaks with people about this endeavor, her feedback is that the topic is one of interest among a widespread, diverse group of spouses.

About the Author – Joyce Sawyer

As a long standing political spouse, Joyce Sawyer, has supported her husband in more than thirty elections since 1976.  Joyce has been in the public eye through her husband’s career at the:

  • National level in Congress
  • State level- House of Representatives, Senate, and Board of Education
  • Local as the Mayor of Akron

Joyce has also been on the other end of the election process, winning the primary election for the Clerk of Courts position for the Akron Municipal Court.

After 30 years as a middle school teacher and 38 years in politics, Joyce contends that being the spouse is the “hardest job in politics” and in the ground-breaking book,  Power Spousing offers advice, insight and encouragement to other spouses who are working hard to make someone else look good while maintaining their own identity in the process.

Joyce also mentors political spouses to navigate their roles successfully.

A native of New Jersey, many of Joyce’s “adventures with Tom Sawyer”, took place in their home state of Ohio where she resides now.

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