Are you ready to book your first gig? You may need a sample speaker agreement to base yours from.

Some tips below the image- read on!

Click on this agreement image to download a Rich Text Format version for you to customize to fit your business
























Once you’ve downloaded the agreement template-  read it over carefully!  You’ll want to customize this for YOUR BUSINESS.

NEGOTIATION items are in RED-  these are items you can offer for a value add to an event or you can negotiate to justify the fee- your choice.

There are items that you’ll need to choose from. What should it be? Flat rate travel?  Included? or Itemized expenses?  Some organizations have set policies on this, others do not.

What about payment terms?  You can put yours in, ultimately the organization booking you for your next event will decide based on their company policy.

If you’re receiving push back from an organization on a contract term you’d like to use, try this:  “My company policy is… ” as most organizations have policy they follow there will come a greater understanding when you’re trying to adhere to yours.

Don’t have an assistant?  This is not just for those who travel with an assist (I do sometimes depending on the event and travel dynamics), it’s so you can invite a local friend (or social media friend you haven’t met in person yet) to come see you speak!  Or invite a Speaker Bureau representative to come in that spot.  NEVER invite a guest to come to an event without the event permission.  Having this permission in writing (agreement) and then letting the event know 2-3 weeks before who your guest will be so they can print a nametag if they choose to- will help you stay in the good graces of the meeting professional.

My favorite clause?  The option to purchase books- even when they originally said “no” in the negotiations.  I can’t tell you how many times the event has more sponsors than expected or decides to gift the books to their participants.  This clause is directly responsible for an increase in over 10% of my annual revenue.

What is YOUR favorite clause?  Do you have any contract terms in your I’ve missed?

















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