Keep Your Content Relevant by Creating Your Own SEO Word Wall

Keywords are the backbone to how you are discovered online. Your keywords are what help to optimize (improve) your search engine rankings and results – better known as SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

For best optimization results, your overall site (home page) should have up to five keywords that are strategically used in a headline, outbound links, images, video, downloadable content, and even possibly your domain name.

Google actually has an over-optimization penalty for sites that try and cram too many keywords into the title tags, meta tags, and backlinks, so be sure you choose your keywords wisely, and do not try to force too many into your website strategy.

Each page can have its own set of keywords, so be sure to streamline those keywords according to the content of each page of your website. For instance, the keywords used for the page that talks about our Soar 2 Success Publishing Division will have a much different focus than the page used to book speaking opportunities.

There are so many topics of interest that at first glance can seem like great information for your audience, but if you’re not careful, topics that go way off track can begin muddle the focus of your website. When the purpose and intent of your content begins to lose your audience, they will go elsewhere to find more relevant information.

To help keep you on target in creating current, relevant content for your intended audience, it is helpful to keep your keywords big, bold, and in front of you in the space where you do most of your writing. I call this my SEO Wall.

In creating your own SEO Word Wall with your most prominent keywords, take time to choose words and phrases that best relate to your messaging.  There are some great apps online where you can create your own word wall, and then print it out so you can always keep it visible.

Once you’ve created your own SEO Word Wall, post a picture of it below in the comments!

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By Elizabeth McCormick


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