Is Your Website Worthy of Showing Off? If Not, Here Are Some Tips To Help!

How many pages of search results do you scroll through when you are doing your online research for products, services, or companies? If you’re like most busy professionals, not too many – who has time for that, right?  The same is true when people are looking for the products and/or services YOU offer. The higher you are in the search results, the easier it is for people to FIND you. The more you are found, the more opportunities you will have to connect with your ideal client online.

There are several ways to increase (or optimize) your search engine rankings and visibility – this is referred to as Search Engine Optimization – or SEO. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Develop an effective Website Strategy.

    No one wants to waste time and effort on something that will not produce the desired results. However, that’s what many people have done when they create their own website. It takes a lot more than an eye-catching logo and a flashy website design to be found online. For more on that, see our post: Turn Busy-Work into a Results-Oriented Strategy: Identify your Purpose, Process, and Payoff

  2. Know your NICHE and WHO you are targeting.

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but the narrower your niche, the greater your opportunities are. When you are looking for a value-based service, you’re not looking for the cheapest price, you’re looking for the greatest value. So, do you look for a “Jack of all trades (and master of none),” or do you look for someone who specifically targets your issue – someone who is an expert in their field? For more on this, see our post: Your Target Market: Narrow Your Niche to GROW Your Business.

  3. Make sure visitors know what to do when they reach your site.

    What do you want your visitor to do next – read a blog post, watch a video, sign up for a newsletter, connect with you online, or read about the benefits they will experience by engaging in your services? Be clear in presenting the next steps and actions you want your website visitor to take. This is referred to as your Call-to-Action. For more on this, see our post: Make Sure You Have a Call-to-Action Strategy that Gets Results

  4. OPTIMIZE and ANALYZE your website’s effectiveness utilizing the tools available.

    When the specific service you offer is named in your main domain, in the title of your blog posts (in a blog that is kept fresh and updated with new content), in links – both internal and external – that you insert into your content, in metadata for pictures and pages, in the titles of videos, in strategic keywords listed for every page and throughout your site, and in the download links you add to your site, you have a well optimized site. For more on tools you can use to optimize and analyze your website, see our post: Online Tools to Increase Website Engagement and Improve Your Page Load Time

Is your website worthy of showing off? If you had some hesitation and did not immediately answer YES, it would benefit you greatly to get the book, Soar 2 Success With Your Website (Info Below). In it are 57 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Engagement, Searchability, and ROI.

If your website IS ready to show off – we want to see it!  Post a link to your Home Page in the comments below.

Posting your website in the comments below will add a “backlink” score to your search rankings and can help boost your SEO. A backlink is simply a link you or someone else posts elsewhere on the internet that LINKS BACK to your website. Search engines rank backlinks as an indication of how relevant your site is for the topic or keyword being searched.  The more backlinks you have (the more places you have your website domain listed – like in your social media profiles, in the comments of people’s articles and blog posts, in social media posts, etc.), the more popular your site will be.

Want to start increasing your number of backlinks? Be sure to post your website link below in the comments, and be sure to take advantage of every possible to get found online by your ideal clientele.

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