Soar 2 Success As You Create A Sales Roadmap: 47 Tips to Impact Your Revenue with a Proven Sales Strategy

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Book Description:

Every business needs to have a steady stream of revenue to survive, and there are great rewards for the people who make their living on making those sales to keep them, and the business alive. If you are in sales, your success has less to do with the product or service you are selling and more to do with your understanding of practical, purposeful selling strategies.

This book will help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls and frustrations of being in sales by creating a roadmap that will guide you to your predetermined destination of success. This quick-start guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Decide exactly where you want to go in sales so you can take the lead in planning your adventure towards the success you envision
  • Understand how long your journey will take as you map your route, with strategies to ensure you are making all the right contacts and touch-points along the way
  • Explore and maximize your strengths as you take time stop (do some sight-seeing) and assess how you can better help yourself and others enjoy the journey
  • Develop techniques to handle detours, false-starts, and dead-ends
  • Always be advancing on your adventure of sales through targeted enrichment and education (personally and professionally)
  • Identify which season your customer may be in during different parts of the journey so you can focus on what they need, not just on what you want to sell them
  • Define your final destination as a place to add even further value and serve instead of a place to stop

When you are prepared to capitalize on the opportunities you meet along the way during your sales adventure, you will not only find your journey much more enjoyable, but also will find a lot more willing participants ready to help you reach your destination even faster! Now is the time to Soar 2 Success in Sales by creating your Sales Roadmap – get your copy of this book today!

This book is Coauthored by Elizabeth McCormick and Debbie Mrazek

About Coauthor Debbie Mrazek:

Business people and salespersons across the United States call her a sales coach. Her clients call her a Godsend.

Debbie Mrazek is a doer and dynamo who delivers a sales prescription that really works. Whether you’re a novice or knowledge expert in selling products or services, Mrazek’s sales mantra and methods resonate a clear, complete picture for certain success.

Mrazek is founder and president of The Sales Company, a firm that is helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, individuals and large corporations better assess, understand and engage in practical, purposeful selling.

With “Mrazek Energy” (believed to be from another world since it is a constant flow of happiness and enthusiasm), she teaches the tools, techniques and talents every individual possesses, and how to transform those into s-a-l-e-s. Mrazek has counseled, constructed and completed sales programs, workshops, and individual and team coaching across the nation. She’s also a consultant, author and conference facilitator.

When she’s not out helping the world improve their sales, Mrazek enjoys life’s adventures with husband, Tommy, son, daughter – Jason and Jennifer, two beagles Happy and Hailey Mary and wonderfully lazy calico cat, Season.

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