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Soar 2 Success By Creating A Healthy Organizational Culture: 54 Tips to Add Value Where You Work

A healthy organization will naturally attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. An organization’s culture will directly influence the employee turnover, morale, productivity and how positive or negative the environment is.

The 54 Tips in this book will help you be the change-agent your organization needs to develop a healthy culture that will ultimately lead to exponential growth.  Through reading this book, you will learn how to be more effective in so many areas and activities, including ways to:

  • Become better engaged in activities that enable organizational transformation
  • Identify the difference between a busy organization and a productive one
  • How to identify and implement a “magnet” strategy to attract better staff and vendor s
  • Invest in growth opportunities that creates value for all involved (staff, executives, clients, investors, etc.)
  • Reveal, support, and grow personal visions that support the vision of the organization
  • Make sure you have the right people in the right positions on all your teams
  • Identify harmful behaviors that poison a healthy environment
  • Develop healthy support networks and demonstrate that EVERYONE has the potential for personal greatness

The tips you learn and implement from this book will act as the fuel you need to ignite a fire that changes the way your organization behaves. One person, YOU, can make a difference by influencing better outcomes for yourself and others!  

Coauthored by: Elizabeth McCormick and Jim Gardner

About Coauthor Jim Gardner

Jim Gardner is the Founder and CEO of Jim Gardner Live. Jim is a leading authority on developing Elite Performers in business and in sport. Jim has experienced life “from the streets to the suites and around the world.” He faced significant life challenges as an adolescent, barely graduating high school. Jim attended college but never graduated, yet he became a leader and executive for several iconic global brands.

Jim started his career as an entrepreneur at the age of nine, and developed survival skills, leadership abilities, and cultural dynamics on the streets. His experiences taught him the value of people and relationships and how they can enable the possible in the impossible.

Jim has observed too many people just showing up for life and for a career because they haven’t gained the critical capabilities to learn to love the practices of winning the game.

The lack of clarity, growth, relationships, present practices, and massive action often prevent people from identifying opportunities to expand their world in pursuit of living.

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