Soar 2 Success in Marketing & Public Relations (PR): 58 Tips to Getting the Word Out and Growing Your Business

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Book Description:

It’s marketing. As a child, we are targeted as an audience before we ever realize we’re being marketed to – all we know is that we want that thing we just saw on TV! Marketing to adults is the same way. You and your business have to be seen, heard, and found by your current and future clients in order for people to see you and want what you have to offer.

Getting the word out about your business doesn’t have to be complex, as this book will prove. Through the pages of this quick-start guide to Marketing and PR, you’ll learn:

  • Tactics and techniques to formulate your strategy so that you succeed at the number one secret to creating and marketing your message – perseverance
  • Research is the best way to obtain insight for budgeting, identifying your ideal market, and setting marketing goals (short and long term) before preparing your marketing plan
  • Creative ways to reach your ideal audience through on-line and off-line strategies
  • The WOW factor combined with your unique message is one of several techniques successful businesses use to attract and relate to potential customers
  • Public relations secrets that can get your word out fast, with a minimal budget
  • Results-based tactics to utilize on a variety of social media platforms to identify, attract, and land your ideal client
  • New strategies to incorporate into your broader outlook on marketing and PR to show that you and what you offer to others is bigger, better, faster, and different than anything else offered

When marketing and PR are done right, your business will grow and gain more market share so you can attain more revenue and profits on your way to success. Marketing and PR are everything – and everything that leads to success is in your business will revolve around a successful marketing and PR strategy!

This book is Coauthored  by Elizabeth McCormick and Sandy Lawrence

About the Coauthor – Sandy Lawrence:

Sandy Lawrence is a national speaker on Public Relations and Marketing topics. As the founder and CEO of Perceptive Marketing, Sandy’s firm was awarded year after year – from 2008 to 2012 – the TOP 25 Marketing/PR Firm by the Houston Business Journal.

Sandy has produced a number of ebooks and information products, including How to Look Good and Inspire Others to Act: Tips on how to et successful publicity with guaranteed results. She also wrote the DO it Yourself PR Guide. She has also created and hosted the Do It Yourself Marketing program, boot camps and workshops for companies and entrepreneurs.

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