Soar 2 Success With Customer Care: 53 Tips to Giving Customers a Memorable Experience

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Businesses experience exponential growth when current customers help fill your sales pipeline by recommending you and referring you to others. One of the top reasons businesses are referred to others is exemplary customer care. The opposite is true as well. The quickest way to lose business is to ignore the importance of taking care of your customer’s needs, questions, and concerns in a timely manner.

The tips in this book will help you achieve excellence so you can stand out in your field of expertise and be noticed, all because of your customer care strategy. Through this wealth of knowledge, you will learn how to:

  • Make customers always feel welcome from the moment they first connect with you
  • Make customers feel wanted by being available to them in a variety of online and offline capacities
  • Make customers feel safe enough to tell you their needs so you can help resolve them with care
  • Make customers feel respected as you create a positive, encouraging, and understanding business environment
  • Make customers feel valued as you continue to offer creative services, products, and solutions to every point of service in the area of customer care

The information in this book, when implemented, will have an immediate impact and transform your business, taking take it to a higher level of excellence and success. When we all enjoy doing business with each other, the world becomes a happier, more productive, and more prosperous place for everyone! It’s time to Soar 2 Success with your customer care!

This book is Coauthored by Elizabeth McCormick and Anne Miner

About the Author – Anne Miner

Anne Miner is an entrepreneur, a visionary leader and an acknowledged expert in the field of customer care and retention. She  is the founder and President of The Dunvegan Group Ltd., customer care and retention specialists who help companies grow by building strong, competitor resistant customer relationships.

Anne is also the author of Measuring Up! A Guide To Success With Customer Feedback, and The Bottom Line on Customer Retention: It Pays to Care!

She is a certified trainer of the Platinum Rule (TM), and she has successfully integrated its philosophy into her own organization to help build strong bonds with employees and clients alike.

Anne is a sought-after speaker who addresses a wide range of topics including customer care, building strong customer relationships, growing your business through customer retention, entrepreneurism, and much more.

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