Soar 2 Success with Email Marketing: 55 Tips to Drastic Online Results for your Business

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Book Description:

General sales and marketing techniques use public mediums that reach a large number of people at once, hoping that at least a few of them will take interest and want to know more. Email marketing, when done right, is a targeted strategy that connects and builds relationships with individuals one at time by utilizing a vehicle they each engage with daily, sometimes hourly or more – their Inbox!

This quick-start guide to successful email marketing will demystify the process and help you discover how to:

    • Avoid being labeled as SPAM (unsolicited commercial email) by email providers and those who receive your messages
    • Ask the right questions to the right people in the right way to grow your list (A growing list means your client base is also growing!)
    • Build trust by utilizing value-added content and giveaways that will give your readers results they desire, solve a problem they have, or answer questions that have them stumped
    • Incorporate compelling videos and images to instantly connect your reader to you, your brand, and your product or services
    • Combine your email communications effectively with social media (71% of people are more likely to purchase if referred by a friend through social media!)
    • Utilize technology and reporting tools to tell you exactly where to target your marketing
    • Discover the two magic words you can use in your emails to create better engagement

If you are not reaching people where they are, then you are invisible to them. You need to be where your ideal clients will see you often so they can keep you top of mind. By implementing the knowledge and quick-tips in this book, their Inbox will become the place where you connect directly and personally to your ideal client in a consistent and memorable way!

Coauthored by Elizabeth McCormick and Toni Harris Taylor

About Coauthor Toni Harris Taylor

Toni Harris Taylor, business extraordinaire, coach and speaker, is the Turnaround Queen®. Toni’s abiding passion mixed with her dynamic and energetic speaking encourages her audiences to achieve extraordinary results while encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone. With over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, Toni’s unique strategies help her clients to thrive!

Toni brings a level of professionalism and expertise to organizations, continuously producing “Drastic Results”. As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, she received the company’s very first “Rookie of the Year” award for her outstanding performance and currently is one of the top Authorized Local Experts in North America proving that Toni knows sales! She recently released her fourth book, “Soar 2 Success with Sales and Marketing – 78 Tips for D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Results! She also received the Top 100 Small Business Influencer Award.

Utilizing her personal and professional experience, Toni specializes in marketing strategies including email and social media marketing. She coaches her small business clients to achieve drastic results to increase revenue and profitability. Because of her phenomenal success and ability to teach others, she is sought after to teach and inspire other professionals everywhere.

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