Soar 2 Success With Your Communication Skills: 50 Tips to Improving Your Personal and Business Relationships

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Book Description:

It seems we receive mandatory formal education on everything except the one thing everyone needs and uses daily: COMMUNICATION!

Through this book of simple yet critical communication tips, you will have the tools you need to immediately impact and improve the way you communicate. These tips and techniques on communication will help you:

  • Better inspire positive change in others
  • Speak up and say what needs to be said while respecting all involved
  • Develop your go-to topics for meeting new people and starting conversations that matter
  • Adapt your communication style to your audience and the circumstances around you
  • Know the difference between what you say versus what the other person hears
  • Ensure you are understood and on the same page with those involved in the conversation
  • Communicate with others in a way that encourages them to eagerly and willingly take action
  • Set your intentions properly for every conversation instead of limiting your outcome to expectations
  • Self-filter all forms of communication (especially digital) for better effectiveness
  • Stop hiding, stop playing small and stop being scared

You are 100% responsible for what you say, how you say it, and the outcome (not the reactions) of your communication. This book gives you the quick-tips you need to embrace the art of communication and use it effectively to enhance every area of your life – personally, professionally, emotionally and financially! The knowledge contained here can easily be put to work for you TODAY as you soar to success with your communication skills!

This Book is Coauthored by Elizabeth McCormick and Kelley Moore.

About the Author – Kelley Moore:

Kelley began her career in service to others y serving the most elite fighting force, the United States Marine Corps, where she developed the values necessary to succeed in any environment.

As a Performance Coach, Kelley works with key executives to recognize, accept and develop their inherent potential and see their unique possibilities. Her specialty is supporting these powerful leaders as they acquire the knowledge, skills and wisdom that enables them to be more productive, self-directed and passionate in their personal and professional lives.

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