Soar 2 Success With Your Time Management and Productivity: 52 Tips to Getting More Done

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Book Description:

As technology creates a faster and faster world of multi-tasking apps swirling around us, we have a tendency to believe our schedules and to-lists should fall in line and move just as fast. This kind of thinking eventually makes us feel stressed out and overwhelmed because we feel like we are falling behind in every area of life.

As we remain captive to the demands of our growing to-do list and the priorities others have set for us, we simply become too busy to see that we really do have the ability to proactively control our time and productivity.

The tips in this quick-start guide to managing your time and productivity will help you:

  • Build your foundation by developing the important skills of managing time in a way that positively impacts your life
  • Cultivate an awareness of small attitude and habit adjustments that can increase your productivity in less time
  • Determine what times work best for the varying areas of focus you need to find overall success
  • Use strategic planning techniques to triage your to-do list so you can have more impact and significance in your daily activities
  • Discover and incorporate the specific daily habits you need to streamline your day to increase your productivity so that you have more day left over at the end of your to-list
  • Understand how the strategy to unplug can actually help you get more done
  • Avoid ruts and complacency by incorporating pick-me-up techniques

The 24 hours you have been given each day are for you to use to support your goals and priorities. Implementing the time-management and productivity tips in this book will allow you to become more intentional with your efforts so that you can discover even more hours in your day to develop better relationships while also pursuing what matters most to you.

This book is coauthored by Elizabeth McCormick and Peggy Harper Lee.

About Coauthor Peggy Harper Lee:

An award-winning speaker, Peggy Harper Lee inspires others to become a “Champion of Your Life.” With a 30-year career in the financial services industry, Peggy brings her corporate experience to life on the stage through her dynamic and entertaining keynote presentations, moving audiences to question their assumptions and move outside their comfort zones.

Peggy earned a BA in Business Management and has taken on numerous leadership positions, including Trustee of the Board of Education for her school district, Board Member of Junior Achievement of Sacramento, and President of the South Placer Estate Planning Council, culminating in earning the Pathfinder of the Year Award” at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit.

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