Speech-writing Can Be Easy When You Use This Necklace Theory

My Necklace Theory for speech-writing will help you build your keynotes bead by bead by using the Speech Writing Template I’ve developed. If you have not created your spreadsheet yet, listing out all your stories, learning outcomes, audience relevancy, and timing, then please go to the Speech Writing Template article and take care of that first.

Once that is complete, building your keynotes will be a breeze! As stated in the Speech Writing Template article, it’s now time to review your list of stories and look for the two most powerful stories that can apply to generally to all audiences. The best one is now your closing story. Your 2nd best is your open. Just like a Necklace, every speech has an open and a close, and these stories are to be the same power opener and power close every time you give your keynote.

Now, Depending on the client, you can vary the length of your keynote to fit the time slot they are hiring you for by building your speech from the template you’ve constructed, and each story is like a bead on the necklace.

Does the client want Q & A? That’s a bead. However, you need to ask yourself this question: Do you really want to close your program with questions you can’t control? (The answer is NO!) My suggestion is to sequence the Q & A “bead” just before your power close. That way you can always end on a strong note.

Does the client want “housekeeping items” or a “social media plug”? Both are beads on the necklace to be placed just after you open the speech with your power story.

When you construct one speech title, or multiple titles for the same speech by using this template, you’ll discover you’ve got a lot of versatility and flexibility. This also makes your PowerPoint presentations simple and streamlines your preparation prior to an event.

Your stories stay the same so they get polished and smooth, and then you vary your lessons and points for each story, revising them in terms of relevancy for the audience.

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2 thoughts on “Speech-writing Can Be Easy When You Use This Necklace Theory


March 2, 2019 - 18 : 24 : 31

Hi Elizabeth,
we met in Portland during your last visit! I was the israeli who was sitting outside with a friend talking away at the end of your presentation! Thank you so much!
I am reading your “little book” and learning some “BIG ideas”
Thank you, thank you! I am now working on my “beads.”

Be well and thrive!


    Elizabeth McCormick

    April 21, 2019 - 21 : 39 : 14

    Thank you Dorice! I hope you are enjoying “Bookability Factor” it was a pleasure to meet you in Portland. Hope to see you at Influence 2019 in Denver!



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