Make Sure You Have a Call-to-Action Strategy that Gets Results

So, you’ve done a great article about how business owners can turn an objection into a sale – or how your product will revolutionize the way families connect at home.

Now what’s the next step? How do you turn that article into something that will actually get you a client, or makes you a sale? You use your Call-to-Action (CTA) strategy to direct the reader to their next step.

What is their next step? Well, that depends on why you wrote the article in the first place (See Blog Post: Purpose, Process, and Payoff).

Is your intention to grow your email list? Then you need to be sure you have at least two places visible within that article for them to sign up – and receive their free download of additional value-added information that was hinted at in the article.

Do you want people to outright buy your product? Make sure you have several CTAs in place directing them to not only buy the product but also to find out more about it, it’s benefits, testimonials from other clients, and more.

Regardless of what you are doing to try and generate sales, the key to it all is having an effective, strategic, and intentional reason for doing it – and all of that is directly related to a CTA that will help funnel people into your pipeline of results (your Payoff!).

Call-to-Action Strategies: Determine your WHO, WHAT and WHY

First determine WHO you are marketing to (including age and socioeconomic factors):

  • Cold contacts / strangers
  • Tire-Kickers / information getters
  • Prospects / interested parties
  • Clients / Customers
  • Loyal Clientele / Referral machines

Next, decide WHAT they are looking for and what causes them to engage:

  • Online articles and blogs
  • Social Media / Forums
  • Product reviews and testimonials
  • Emails
  • Sales Funnels
  • Events

Then establish your WHY – your specific intention and purpose for your project:

  • Get more website views
  • Grow Twitter / Facebook / Instagram followers
  • Entice connections to engage with you more on LinkedIn
  • Expand your database of prospects and potential clients
  • Sell more memberships, products, services, etc.
  • Raise more awareness about your event / Sell Tickets

Call-to-Action Strategies: Determine your HOW

If your purpose is to grow your social media following or email marketing list, then you want to develop a strategy that includes:

  • A free value-added download to new followers
  • Time set aside to engage daily on each platform you want to grow by researching similar / synergistic account holders who have a strong following. Begin following them. Then tag them in relevant content and share good/relevant content of theirs. Also take time to like and comment on their posts. Be sure to do it strategically, and only when relevant so you will not appear ‘spammy.’
  • Creating shareable content either in shareable posts, or by linking content from your own blog, website, or YouTube channel.
  • Specific Call-to-Actions listed in SEVERAL places in ALL your Articles / Blogs that utilize “Click to Share” plugins and buttons that say “Tweet” or “Share Now.” You can also use ‘’ to generate a URL to hyperlink the image / CTA meme / Product / etc.
  • What is it about your product, giveaway, service, or Call-to-Action that will give the viewer a sense of urgency to DO IT NOW. If they leave your site without doing it, chances are they won’t think to come back to it later unless you have specific measures in place to capture their information, so you can continue to engage with them.

SPECIFIC Call-to-Action Verbiage

You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention in a way that causes them to take action right then and there. Here’s some verbiage you can use in various forms like Button Text, special offers, emails, newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, headlines, and more, to help increase your engagement.

Sign-Up, Memberships, Newsletter and Email Lists with special pricing or giveaways:

  • Subscribe Today for Your Free Assessment
  • Join for Free
  • Get Your Free Report Here
  • Sign Up for Your Free Month
  • Start Selling Today
  • Get Started for Free
  • Send Me This Week’s Specials
  • Claim Your Free Trial
  • Find Out More
  • Grab Your Template Here
  • Give us a Try!
  • Get Your Free Copy

Increase Engagement on Social Media:

  • Join our Online Community for exclusive contests and free products
  • Don’t miss out on our live chats!
  • Be a Part of our Next Discussion on _________ .
  • Submit your questions and get them answered live!

Add Verbiage for Urgency:

  • Limited-Edition
  • Final Days
  • Limited supply
  • Closing soon
  • While supplies last
  • Today only
  • Last chance
  • Offer ends soon (or list date offer ends)
  • Hurry
  • Immediately
  • Now

Add verbiage for Exclusivity:

  • Request your invitation
  • Now closed – click to be notified
  • Members Only/Subscribers only
  • Only available for members
  • Pre-register/Pre-order
  • Limited spots opening soon
  • Exclusive access to _____ for members / subscribers only
  • Secure your spot

The Simple “Ask”:

  • Download Here
  • Subscribe Today
  • Let’s Chat
  • Contact Me Now
  • Follow Us Online
  • Sign Up Now
  • Click Here
  • Read This
  • Find Out More Here

No matter what you need a Call-to-Action for, you can make it fun, engaging, and noticeable with special images, colors, buttons, backgrounds, header images, and more. Readers do not like to feel lost or confused, and they will leave your site with no engagement if there is no clear indication on why they should stay.

The best way to get the results you want is to ASK for it and guide your viewer / reader to do exactly what you want them to by being strategic with your Call-to-Actions.

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