Turn Busy-Work into a Results-Oriented Strategy: Identify your Purpose, Process, and Payoff

Everything we do – every ounce of energy we use, and every investment we make of our time, talents, and resources – is purposeful and intentional, right?

We get in our car and use up gasoline because we have a very specific destination to which we want to travel to perform a clear-cut task like going to work, exercising, grocery shopping, or to meet someone for an appointment that was pre-planned and scheduled. We also do business plans and marketing plans because we want our efforts, time, and resources to be efficient, effective, and prosperous professionally, right? Doing things with a particular intention in mind is a normal part of our lives.

Even though we have an ideal perspective that all our efforts mean something and produce positive results, we actually end up wasting more time, talent, and resources than we realize. This is especially true when it comes to things we may not know how to do very well – like email and digital marketing, designing and making content for our websites, and creating engaging posts for social media.

The Purpose – Determine WHY You are Putting In the Time on Specific Activities

Our desire, and the purpose behind what we do on the grand scale in business, is to build relationships that will more than sustain that business. With growth, we also want to build a better bank account by growing mailing lists, getting new website visitors, finding new loyal clients, and growing a referral network – but is any of that actually happening?

Think about it – how much time do you spend mindlessly browsing social media and inboxes with glazed-over eyes, scrolling past countless posts and articles without ever, reading, clicking, sharing, engaging, or ever making a real connection? For another painful thought, think about all the work you may have put into posts, articles, blogs, and more, that is sitting out there in cyberspace where others are endlessly scrolling – right past all your hard work – without being drawn in so they can learn more about you and what you do?

If you are in a position of sales – which includes ANY form of entrepreneurship, network marketing, speaking, coaching, marketing, physical fitness, etc. – then you are looking to connect with others for the very specific purpose of growing your business.

As you work to educate yourself in the world of sales and entrepreneurship, every Guru around the world will have a different secret to tell you about how to go about growing your business. Whether it’s creating valuable content, memes, infographics, and articles, or emails, newsletters, websites, and social media – all of it will mean nothing if you do not obtain your expected payoff for your effort.

So first determine WHY. Why specifically are you creating or revamping your website, sending email campaigns and newsletters, or posting blogs and articles periodically? Reasons could include increasing your sales leads, growing your email list, doing more online sales, getting more subscribers to your social media or YouTube accounts, or increasing your SEO rankings in online searches.

Whatever it is, be sure that remains your MAIN THING so you don’t veer back into “busy-work.”

The Process – Determine Your Strategies For Obtaining Your Desired Results

If you are not getting the results and the payoff you desire, chances are high that you do not have the right marketing processes in place to achieve those results. Marketing processes for your business can include:

Once you identify areas that are not giving you the payoff you desire, you can tweak and develop that process to better align with your purpose. Better results are always experienced when you are aligned with WHY you initiated the project in the first place.

The Payoff – Determine the Results You Want to See from Your Digital and Email Marketing, Website(s), and Social Media Content

For any process and plan to be effective, Stephen Covey had it right when he taught us to “Begin with the end in mind.”  This means to begin any task – great or small – with a clear vision of your desired direction and destination – your payoff!

For your Purpose and your Process, take some time to develop the strategy that will enable you to obtain the greatest Payoff by making sure everything you do goes through your filter. Ask yourself, “Does this project or task align with my Purpose, Processes, and Payoff?” If not, it may be time to eliminate that project, or find a way to realign it with your overall goals.

Establishing your priorities by first determining your Purpose and Process will help you eliminate your “busy-work” and help everything you do produce the Payoff you desire.

If you would like more in-depth information on how to identify your Purpose, Process, and Payoff, consider having a one-on-one Think Tank Intensive with Elizabeth McCormick. You will definitely see the Payoff quick and it will be an investment that could have your best ROI ever!

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