Online Tools to Increase Website Engagement and Improve Your Page Load Time

If you are in business for yourself, then you know you need a website. For those who wear the entrepreneurial hat, you probably had your website built through a website & online marketing company, a freelancer, or did it yourself through a DIY site with ready-made templates and guides. No matter how you did it, you knew it was important enough to make sure it got done.

Regardless of who created your website, you need to keep it updated and ensure it is doing what you created it to do – otherwise, why go through all the trouble?

Unless you are in the business of creating websites from scratch or optimizing sites for SEO, you probably know very little about the behind-the-scenes systems that keep your website operational and visible to the world.

Track Your Website’s Effectiveness

To gage the effectiveness of your website, you need to be able to track who visits your site, how long they stay, and what they do while they are there (like make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, read articles, engage on social media, etc.). You can do this by connecting your website to Google Analytics ( which is a great free service by Google.

Adding Analytics to your site will help you see what people like (the pages they stay on the longest), and what they don’t like (the pages that have a high bounce rate, which means that people are hitting the back button and quickly leaving the page). If your home page has a high bounce rate and people are not engaging with your site, it’s time to take a long hard look at your site so you can figure out why that is happening.

One of the top reasons home pages have a high bounce rate is due to Page Load Time. If your page is slow in coming up on the screen, people will not stick around. No one likes to stare at the “page loading” screen. In light of that, the most important element to first consider is how quickly your information comes up once someone types in your website address or clicks on your link in search results.

If you can’t even get people to stay on your home page – you won’t be able to get them to do anything else.

You Need to Know the Page Load Time for your Website

If you have not tested your Page Load Time for your website, there are many free online tools that can determine that for you, and help you identify what issues might be causing slower load times.

Here are a few options, and each have some different features and benefits you might find helpful:

These are just three, of MANY, online tools you can use to test your website’s Page Load Time. Click on each link and enter your domain name as indicated, and then review the results. You can also do your own Google search to come up with other similar sites that may offer different benefits and testing results.

The key is to find an online tool you like, and then use it to help you improve your site. For other tips and techniques to help improve your website’s visibility and ROI, be sure to check out the Tip Book, Soar 2 Success With Your Website – it’ll give you even more great techniques on how you can turn a first-time website visitor into a loyal client.

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