Soar 2 Success is dedicated to serving you as an individual through proven effective methods to get you going further, faster than ever before in your career, and in life.

Your experience with Soar 2 Success may include hearing Elizabeth give a life-changing keynote to an audience of thousands, you could purchase books to get you the tips and advice you need (or publish your own through the Soar 2 Success Publishing division) or you can invest in a one-on-one Think Tank Intensive to get a more tailored strategy session for specific areas of concern.

No matter where your dreams, goals, and aspirations are taking you, Soar 2 Success can get you motivated and educated with exactly what you need to get there!

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So much more than your keynote speaker, Elizabeth McCormick’s goal is to be a part of your conference attendees’ EXPERIENCE. When you book Elizabeth for your event, you’ll receive more than customized content given from the stage! For more information, visit Elizabeth’s speaking website at!


As an author of more than 18 published books (her book, The P.I.L.O.T. Method has sold more than 25,000 copies), Elizabeth saw – and met – the need for a streamlined process to help speakers and authors publish their books so they can more easily broaden their platform and become better known within their desired market and beyond.

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Think Tank Intensive

As a world-renowned Motivational Speaker who specializes in the topics of Sales, Leadership, and Safety, as well as events seeking to entertain and engage the audience, your investment in a VIP Mentoring Day with her is certain to provide an ongoing exponential return on your investment.

You will gain access to the same strategies that quickly propelled her into the limelight as a full-time, highly sought-after (and high-paid) keynote speaker. She will also impart to you other tailored tips, resources, processes, and feedback you can implement immediately, so you can begin experiencing the results you need to accelerate YOUR speaking career.

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